Welcome to Allure, Vancouver's only sensual social club for secure couples who are PASSIONATE about fun!

If you're friendly, open minded and of course looking to explore sexy new adventures with your lover, then you've come to the right place.
If you appreciate a classy, discrete and sensual community filled with like-minded friends...then you will love Allure!

We invite you to bring your innermost fantasies to life. Join today!

At Allure, you'll feel right at home in the first 10 minutes. Allure is a place to be yourself!
Our members are warm, welcoming, classy, love life...and for some, may even become great friends.
They come from all walks of life, and are here to explore all types of fantasies. 
But what they all have in common is their desire to live life to the fullest and ignite the passion in their lives.
Allure is a place where you can ignite your passions by exploring your fantasies safely amongst like-minded friends.
There is never any pressure to play with others whether in our online community, or when meeting face-to-face at community events and exclusive private parties.  We only expect that you respect the unique boundaries and desires of every member.
Our atmosphere is fun and relaxed.
But despite our relaxed atmosphere, you will ALWAYS find our team to be professional and our community to be well run and respectful.

We welcome real couples in secure relationships who are classy, sophisticated and of course PASSIONATE about fun!
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